Be Fickle…?

The term fickle seems to have a negative stigma around it. I always associated it with a lack of loyalty and trustworthiness. Recently I have started to think of myself as fickle, as I bounce from one ambition to the next. Having one life changing idea only to disregard it the next moment.

I couldn’t escape the overriding evidence which suggests I have a fickle personality. This has been filling me with unease for a while as I imagine myself unable to stick to a job, hobbies or friends/loved ones.

Yet once again Google has come to my rescue. I hopefully Google’d ‘is being fickle bad?’. Childish and weak I know but I wanted answers, and what answers Google and Yahoo gave me.

“Perhaps shallowly judged, the character of being “fickle” may have negative denotation, in the sense that the particular person who is seen as fickle does not inspire / evoke reliability in the one or others that would love to rely on the particular person.

Persevering in a state of fickleness might mean that the particular perseverance may be due to the fact that something certain or solid to rely upon, to dedicate oneself to, has not been found yet; thus the fickle soul is in an active state of search, in a state that cannot yet find a definite choice; thus being fickle may be a character of the searching soul, of dynamic life itself that cannot definitely settle down, that has not yet found the solid rock upon which to install its further living!

A sense of youthful freedom can be very important! As an indication of love for freedom, the quality of being “fickle” may be a glowing one; the fickle soul may not easily decide or accept to prostrate or surrender into becoming a robot for somebody else or for some idea or ideology!”

I couldn’t help but become soothed by these paragraphs. It so heavenly eradicates my fear of being termed fickle and supports my wandering ways. ‘Searching soul’ is a phrase I will use in the future and will endeavour to explain my fickleness with it. I have not indeed found my solid rock – whether this be a passion or person – and I will remain a wanderer until I do.

This is, yes, one Yahoo response on the question of being fickle and received a meagre 1 ‘thumbs up’, nonetheless it has eased my worries and I hope you fickle…ers out there are also relaxed by this passage that I am now regarding as gospel.

One thought on “Be Fickle…?”

  1. Wow great post! I have often been accused of being fickle…and I have felt exactly as you have done, that it is something to be ashamed of, that you are shallow if you are fickle…but I have often thought, as you have said here, that it is only because one has the capacity to enjoy different aspects of life and embrace the diversity of life that others may see you as being unreliable or too flighty to be taken seriously. For me there is so much to experience and enjoy that staying in one place (in the mind and body) does not compute with me. So hats off to you sir for alleviating my own fickle-angst! I am mightily relieved…and feel heartily vindicated!

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